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15. ESL

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The in-class video and discussion of ESL really opened my eyes to the flaws of the education system in regards to their ESL students and how these flaws are perpetuated through standardized testing and other standardized procedures.

The only experience and knowledge I have of ESL comes from my old roommate, who was born in Korea. I never really thought about ESL until last year. Every time my roommate would say something that was grammatically incorrect, I would correct her and she would say “Oh its cause I’m ESL.” This saying would become a joke between the two of us because she would simply refer to herself as “ESL.” Now, as I look back on our class-discussion it is quite disturbing how the education system perpetuates this lack of a full grasp of the English language.  Although I am pretty sure that most standardized tests are now offered in multiple languages, it wasn’t always that way, and I am sure there are places that still do not offer multiple versions of standardized tests.

This discussion also made me question the best way to teach a young child how to become literate in English. Part of me believes that simply throwing a child into an English-speaking classroom would have its benefits. However, as we see in video, the time that the child spends learning he language, takes away from the time the child can learn the content of the material being taught in class.

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