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18. Amerika

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“indictment,               indictment       INDICTMENT OF AMERICA???

yes, yes, yes,                     YES!!!!!!

AMERIKA        land of el hijo de la chingada,

land of landed gentry gorging on gringoismo,

land of exploitation, creator of pollution,[…]” (Sánchez 1326)

In this excerpt from Ricardo Sánchez’s “Indict America,” Sanchez criticizes America and the racism that America perpetuates. His first attack on America is seen in the spelling of “Amerika” in the title and throughout the poem.  The footnote states that this German spelling was used in order to criticize the racism in America and compare America to fascist Germany.  Clearly, Sánchez is calling for a revolution or indictment of America. I could not change the font on my version of the text, but the quote “INDICTMENT OF AMERIKA???” in the original is in a different font, a font you would see in a newspaper. Its almost as if Sánchez addresses the idea that this news of his call for a revolution would shock people, and so he responds with “yes, yes, yes,      YES!!!!!!” Sánchez makes it very clear that an indictment is what he is calling for. He claims that “Amerika” is the “land of el hijo de la chingada,” or bastard, and the  “land of exploitation, creator of pollution.” Once again, he reiterates his negative view of America and emphasizes view that America should be indicted.

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