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20. Democracy vs. Twin Plagues

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“Instead of promoting humanity’s fundamental aspirations- equality and participation – our immigration policies and the practices of many U.S. employers have endorsed the twin plagues of humanity: exploitation and discrimination. These scourges are most vividly demonstrates in America by cheap wages and wretched working conditions for immigrant workers” (Chávez 776)

In this excerpt from César Chávez’s “What is Democracy?” Chávez criticizes immigration policies and U.S. employers and the ways in which they cause racism and discrimination in the United States.  Chávez juxtaposes “humanity’s fundamental aspirations  – equality and participation,” or democracy, with the “twin plagues of humanity: exploitation and discrimination.” According to Chávez, immigration policies and employers who hire cheap labor under poor working conditions “endorse” these plagues of “exploitation and discrimination.” This reminded me of the effects of the Bracero Program, which brought in Mexican workers as cheap labor to fill in for shortages in the United States. This program instilled and perpetuated the exploitation and discrimination of the Mexican workers in the United States.

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  • Alexandra, gave you all 10 possible points for the blog posts this round. You have lots of great writing here–at this point in the semester, it’s important to start thinking about what you think you may want to focus on for your final essay. This doesn’t mean you should choose a topic, but rather review your blog posts to look for any common themes for research you might look up on the library databases.

    10 out of 10 possible points

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