Thursday, March 29th, 2012...6:56 pm

21. “Nanny Spanish” v. “Star Spanglish Banner”

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I think the first video has a more effective means of getting a political message across because there is a more specific target group and argument made in this video. It also made a bigger problem and argument applicable to a more relatable situation on a smaller scale than the “Star Spanglish Banner” video.  I feel like both videos have freedom of speech but I think more so the first video.  Not only are there curses and what not, but it also has a very critical view of a very specific group of people.

I would say that the first video’s manner of speaking are most legitimate. The second video has moments where it seems like immigrants want to turn American upside down or burn the flag (maybe satirizing stereotypes?). The second video seems to carry more symbolic power through the use of images and the use of the “Star-Spangled Banner”, the first video didn’t have as many symbols.

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