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22. The Prohibited (Response to Video)

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This video was hard to watch because I couldn’t even imagine that these types of encounters actually go on to that extreme.  It was also interesting to be viewing it from the view of the Mexican man. From this perspective it was easy to imagine all of the white people surrounding him.  It was overwhelming to be viewing a clip of it, I can’t imagine how the man must have felt when he was actually in the situation.  The video depicts Unites States citizens protesting against immigration.  It was interesting to watch this after reading Gloria Anzaldúa’s excerpt from Borderlands/La Frontera. In this excerpt, Anzaldúa addresses the U.S – Mexican border as not only a literal division, but a metaphorical border “where the Third World grates against the first and bleeds” (1493).  Anzaldúa refers to Mexico as the “Third World” and the United States as the “first.” It is interesting to note that Mexico bleeds as a result of the “grating,” or tension, while the United States does not. Anzaldúa states, ” It is in a constant state of transition.  The prohibited and forbidden are its inhabitants”(1493). The tension between the two groups in the video display this sort of  conflict between those who are allowed and those who are “prohibited” and “forbidden.” It also displays the common stereotypes attributed to those who are “forbidden,” she states, “the troublesome, the mongrel, the mulato, the half-breed, the half dead…” (1493).

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