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29. Puerto Rican Young Lords

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“‘ Tengo Puerto Rico en Mi Corazón’ – ‘ I Have Puerto Rico in My Heart.’ We loved it, and it soon spread through out Puerto Rican circles. Only years later did we lean that it contained a slight grammatical error, a testimonial to the bad Spanish most of us ‘spoke.’ We were truly example of Ricans raised in the state” (Guzmán 1445-1446)

I love the slogan of this group because it demonstrates their struggle with identity, yet, in a way, it shows how they have conquered their own identity. [This reminded me of a book I read by Carlos Bulosan, “American is in the Heart.” The idea being that the “America” that immigrants dream of is still growing and developing (it only exists in the heart).] Even if the Latino community was forced to assimilate, they would always keep their Puerto Rican identity in their heart, protected.  It is also interesting how the grammatical errors in Spanish rather than English testified for their “Rican” identity in the states. Normally, one would assume that their English would have grammatical errors. However, this mistake embodies the essence of straddling two separate identities but remaining both American and “Rican.”

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