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32. German Valdéz Tin Tan

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German Valdéz “Tin Tan”– Known for popularizing “pachuco culture” Zoot Suit dress in Latino community.

Mexican actor and entertainer Tin Tan (German Valdez) popularized the zoot suit for Latinos in the US and Mexico. El hijo desobediente, 1945. (


“Wearing baggy, drape-like fashions, posturing defiantly before others, claiming possession of a street corner and using caló to communicate: all are exaggerated to such a degree that they become an exercise in mimicry…In the case of the pachuco, the camouflage and mimicry make him visible, give him a location in (and out of) culture” (Dúran)

The dress of the pachuco’s in pop culture (as seen in the picture above), according to Dúran “exaggerates” and “mimics” the pachuco culture. Interestingly enough, this both “camouflages” the pachuco and “makes him visible” in culture. This mimicry gives the pachuco a place in society. In other words, the border culture of the pachuco, through this mimicry in pop culture, finds its place in society, even if it considered “outside” of the norm.



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